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*In the interest of providing the best possible service and response time, Attkey “key response” phone and web support entails resolution of minor issues relating to day to day procedures involved with the operation of the Jiwa financials system by the client, and/or how it relates to other user applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports.

“key response” phone support is expressly limited to issues that will be resolved in a time frame of less than 15 minutes. if a longer time is required, then a site visit or remote support session will be suggested to resolve the issue, or our normal published rate of consultant charges will apply (levied in 15 minute intervals) for further phone/web support until the issue is resolved.

Multiple phone calls covering the same issue by the client of Attkey will be deemed as being a continuation of the original phone call for the purposes of calculation of support time charges by Attkey.

Network, printing and operating system issues are outside the scope of Attkey “key response” phone support unless they are of a minor nature.

Attkey Support Club membership is levied for a full Calendar year, payable in advance. No pro-rata for part year membership is available.

Note the annual maintenance fee payable to JIWA Financials covers the unlikely situation of software errors and their resolution. JIWA Financials will provide Level 2 support (programming / database correction) and Attkey Computer Solutions level 1 support (facilitation).


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