About ATTKEY Computer Solutions

With the start of 2021, Attkey Computer Solutions have been helping small and medium sized businesses in Australia for 34 years.

The company was founded in Sydney in 1987 and has since expanded to serve the whole of the Australian market. Attkey’s expertise has always been focused  on the distribution, manufacturing and service Industries.  Starting out as an exclusive Attache software distributor, we work with locally written and supported business software solutions. In the late 1990’s we expanded our portfolio to include  Jiwa Financials, Triumph Fixed Assets and KeyPay Payroll software. In 2020 we divested our Attache business to the Access Group UK and now focus on assisting small and medium business on their digital automation journey.  Attkey is a multi- award winning partner in all the software solutions we support. 

Looking after our clients successfully depends on the quality of our people. We remain committed to employing the best staff, and maintaining the highest possible technical and professional standards within our company. Our staff never stop learning, and never cease refining their skills and knowledge, in order to provide you with the best service. We are proud to have a staff retention rate of over 10 years for all our team. Attkey clientele includes many successful local, national and international businesses. You can confidently place your business with the team at Attkey , knowing you are dealing with one of the most experienced system integrators in Australia.

Our services are charged on a time and materials basis. We maintain an accurate, systematic and effective time recording system. Our detailed fee accounts are provided to all our clients on completion of service, and our rates are consistent with our level of experience and expertise.

About ATTKEY Computer Solutions