When it comes to recruiting and maintaining employees, the market is more competitive than ever. Candidates are more knowledgeable and have more requirements than 10 or 15 years ago. Companies need to be able to demonstrate that they’re a fulfilling place to work, can offer employees new opportunities and give them the flexibility to work the way that they want.

So, how can your company attract (and keep) the best employees in a competitive market? And can your Jiwa 7 software even go so far as to help you attract and retain them?

The wonders of automation

Nobody wants to spend eight hours a day working with outdated, complicated, and cumbersome processes. That’s why having the latest software can make a big difference to the happiness of your employees.

With your Jiwa 7 software, all the processes – which vendors have spent years perfecting — are included out of the box. This could be payments, planning, material requirements or any of the other features. The simplicity of use doesn’t just streamline processes for you as a business, it also means your workers become more knowledgeable. Because even if the employee isn’t an expert in that particular field, they can rely on following the simple steps in the software to gain knowledge of the process and develop an skillset they might have never expected.

This results in happier and more skilful employees – and that’s a definite win for your business.

Beat the boredom

Boredom is another factor that can mean less productivity (and motivation), and even contribute to employees leaving your business for greener pastures and more opportunities. After all, if you’re not constantly challenged, you’re going to stagnate.

When you can automate the finicky processes and let employees focus on what they enjoy, they’re much more likely to stay with you. Let’s take, for example, the process of sending an invoice to a client.

Before your Jiwa 7 software, this is needlessly complicated and an exercise in busy work. The employee has to create the invoice, double check that all the details are correct (opening the possibility of human error), open your email, attach the file, then send it. Quite laborious, right?

Keep things central, keep things convenient

Jiwa 7 can keep things much more organised and centralised, saving employees a heap of headaches (and streamlining things for you as an employer). For example, imagine the employees of a company without Jiwa 7 looking for an important order form or contract. They search everywhere, but cannot find it. Eventually, they discover that the only place it’s stored, is on another employee’s computer – and they happen to be working from home that day. Which means having to contact them to send the file over.

But because you’re savvy enough to have an ERP, all the information – along with all the documents and background that went into that contract – is being kept in one place and accessed by everyone. It’s small, but it greatly improves things in terms of convenience for your employees. And in a competitive market, every little thing matters.

How we can help you (and your employees)

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why you won’t be able to retain an employee.

There could be cultural misalignments, where an employee’s values or ethics don’t quite mesh with your workplace.

Or disparities in pay, where employees perceive that their compensation is not commensurate with their skills, experience, or market standards.

Or perhaps there will be life circumstances where an employee decides to move states or opt for a career change.

And no software or productivity tool will ever be able to help you with these issues (as amazing as your Jiwa 7 is).

But when it comes to crushing boredom, encouraging career progression and streamlining previously complicated processes, choosing Jiwa 7 is the best decision you could’ve made. Because it’s been optimised to do great things not only for you and your business, but also your employees.

If you have any questions about your Jiwa 7 software and how it can help your team excel, you can join our Support Club or contact our team.